ECA Group Solutions to be Presented at EUROMARITIME 2022

Meet ECA Group at EUROMARITIME 2022, from February 1 to 3rd, taking place at the Parc Chanot, in Marseille to discover its robotics and naval architecture solutions.

At the occasion of EUROMARITIME 2022, ECA Group will be presenting its cutting-edge solutions dedicated to Maritime activities:

Robotics & Integrated Systems

Subsea and offshore robotics

Developing effective unmanned and remotely operated systems of robots is at the heart of ECA Group’s R&D efforts. For more than 60 years, ECA Group has been aiming at providing optimized robotic systems to successfully perform missions for Oil & GasSubsea purposes such as: seabed surveys, asset / critical infrastructure inspection and cleaning. ECA Group as an expert of underwater robotics, offers a comprehensive operational system integrating a wide range of drones systems including:

These ranges of solutions are particularly suited for both shallow and deep water pipeline inspection up to 3 000m water depth and for the control of offshore laying operations of cable, risers, pipeline and flexible in Oil & Gas Industry. Compliant with the standards in place in the industry, these solutions offer a great opportunity to reduce expenditures costs while enhancing data quality and post-processing data management tools.

These robust and highly versatile systems are also employed for Offshore Protection and in particular for :

  • Platform and Hull inspections
  • Deep and shallow water survey
  • Wreck inspection

All ECA Group systems are supported by the appropriate Simulation applications.

These robotic solutions are supported by high-performance unmanned-based tools dedicated to seafloor mapping using bathymetric, side scan and subbottom systems to make the most of the data collected throughout the missions.

2 ECAGropAUVECA Group AUV solutions

ECA Group supplies a wide range of AUV systems, from man portable to mid-size AUV, these cutting-edge unmanned vehicles are runned through a user-friendly mission preparation and post analysis software. Missions can be prepared before the mission, to be quickly deployed on field. The AUV performs its mission up to 6000 m depths in a complete autonomy allowing operators to focus on other important tasks and prepare post-mission treatment.

ECA Group ROV solutions and tooling

ECA Group has a long expertise in the design and manufacture of ROV solutions. From compact observation ROV to crawlers to heavy duty work-class, ECA Group offers a wide range of solutions to help you perform missions underwater, up to 2000 m deep. Easily configured and modular, payloads can easily be equipped thanks to its unique architecture, enabling to fit a wide range of tools and sensors (such as high-quality viewing system, sonars or Electric Manipulator Arms). User-friendly, a single and ergonomic control unit allows the control of both ROV and additional equipment.

Coastal and harbor surveillance / protection

ECA Group is also actively engaged in the inspection of harbors and coastal areas by designing and developing efficient unmanned robotic solutions at sea to survey critical infrastructures and or secure major events. ECA Group robots can be easily and quickly deployed. Whether individually or teaming, ECA Group drones can be controlled through a single software interface capable of running simultaneously AUVs, USVs and, UAVs that can be further complemented by

ROVs for a combination of tasks.

These systems are particularly efficient to:

  • Inspect immersed structures
  • Recover or identify objects
  • Neutralize underwater threats making it an optimum solution to secure coastal areas.

ECA Group robotic solutions at sea have recently been certified for the security of major sporting events by the French Strategic Planning Committee (CSF).

Discover a unique drone management system

ECA Group’s various autonomous air and naval robots can be supervised through a single command and control center. It can be seamlessly connected to other surveillance systems, or integrated into a global security system. Drones can be equipped with electro-optical sensors capable of detecting suspicious individuals or vehicles. Adaptable to the circumstances, the drones can carry out missions such as detection, threat characterization or even neutralization if the risk is confirmed.

Designed to work as a team of robots, it can complement traditional means by increasing their area of coverage, density and persistence. The ability of ECA Group’ solution to control all drones from a single platform allows optimizing the number of operators required.

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