Strategic Partnership to Execute the Next Generation of Marine UXO Mitigation Solutions

Sulmara is driving forward decarbonization in the marine UXO survey industry by combining new technology with the expert UXO risk management knowledge of SafeLane Global.

This will create new capabilities, extend the scope of operation, and reduce the risk to personnel and the impact on the environment.

The partnership builds on natural synergies and shared values between the organizations, with extensive experience in challenging frontier markets and some of the harshest environments around the world. Sulmara and SafeLane will offer a complete UXO service from threat assessment to clearance across Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific regions, with more than 230 dedicated employees to support the energy sector development and support the humanitarian programs to clear post war and conflict areas of UXO with uncrewed systems.

Sulmara CEO, Kevin McBarron said: “Through the powerful synergy of SafeLane Global and Sulmara joining forces, we unlock an unparalleled level of UXO expertise and technologies. This aligns strongly with our net zero ambitions and will deliver improved efficiency and safety in accurately identifying underwater explosive hazards”.

Ryan Prophet, Director (Marine) at SafeLane said: “Together, we redefine the industry standard, offering a transformative solution that safeguards both human lives and the environment, while significantly reducing project timelines and costs. The alliance of SafeLane Global and Sulmara sets a new benchmark in uncrewed UXO services, revolutionizing the way we navigate the world of UXO with confidence.”


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