USCG Sentinel-class Cutters Rely on Fortress Anchors

When wind and seas rise, it takes a lot of holding power to keep a 154', 353 long ton vessel from dragging anchor. That's why the US Coast Guard chose the 69 lb. Fortress Marine Anchors FX-125 for its new Sentinel-class cutters. It boasts superior performance in a wide range of sea beds.

The FX-125 is precision-machined from rust-proof, marine grade aluminum-magnesium alloy. Because there are no welds—all of the anchor parts are interlocking—there are no joints to weaken and fail while under heavy loads. Because of its light weight, the Fortress® anchor is easily brought up on deck for fast deployment.

An exclusive feature is the adjustable shank/fluke angle. It can be modified to ideally match sea bottom conditions. In hard sand with the angle set at 32° for common soils, the FX-125 has 27,000 lbs. of holding power. In problem soft mud bottoms with the angle set at the optimal 45° angle, it holds over 8,000 lbs. The aluminum-alloy Fortress has consistently out-performed substantially heavier steel anchors. In comparison testing conducted by the US Navy in 1989, three Fortress models out-held high-tensile Danforth and traditional Navy anchors by a significant margin.

Not only Sentinel-class cutters go to sea with Fortress. The USCG outfits its 28′ to 87′ coastal patrol boats with these durable and reliable anchor models.

Fortress Marine Anchors’ FX-125 costs approximately $1,500 and comes with a lifetime parts replacement warranty.

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