BMT Making Waves with Collaborative Wave Project

BMT has been awarded a project to assist the University of Western Australia’s Wave Energy Research Centre in the design and deployment of a prototype-scale Wave Energy Converter in King George Sound, Albany, Western Australia.

With increasing global awareness of the need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, the $4.8 million marine innovation project will strengthen Australia’s marine renewable technologies and demonstrate the region’s wave energy potential.

The multi-attribute project, jointly supported by the Western Australian Government and the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (BE CRC) will enable vital research and development into providing clean energy to support infrastructure and supply chains necessary for emerging ocean energy markets, including nearby aquaculture operations.

2 BMTM4 wave energy attenuator to manufacture for deployment off Albany. Credit: Wave Energy Research Centre

“This project brings together the core strengths of BMT within an emerging and exciting sector for Australia. The prototype draws on our expertise in environmental assessment and approvals, combined with our metocean, marine engineering and naval architecture design capabilities. Our advantage is being able to provide this integrated and end-to-end service all under the one roof,” Dr. Philip Haines, BMT Managing Director, Environment Australia.

“Australia is blessed by a wealth of renewable energy sources, both on land and ocean-based. BMT’s partnership in the Blue Economy CRC recognizes our intent to be deeply involved throughout the ocean energy and aquaculture sectors as they develop and mature over the coming years” he said.

The project has been developed and funded as part of the BE CRC which was established under the Australian Government’s CRC Program to support industry-led research collaborations with benefit to the community.

Project partners include The University of Western Australia, BE CRC, WA Government Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, M4 WavePower Ltd, Huon Aquaculture, Albany Shellfish Hatchery, University of Tasmania, University of Queensland and Climate-KIC (AOEG).

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