Damen Builds Three Hybrid Fast Crew Supply Vessels on Stock

In response to positive feedback from offshore suppliers, Damen Shipyards Group decided to build three new vessels of the Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2710 Hybrid type on stock at the Damen Antalya yard in Turkey. The vessels will be available for fast delivery for operators in the quickly emerging offshore renewable energy production.

Hybrid propulsion enables zero emission operation in wind parks and in harbors. Fast and stable crew transfer vessels that are able to operate at rough seas have become a necessity in offshore energy production. In the quickly developing offshore wind industry, vessels for crew and supplies need to be versatile, stable and sturdy, to be able to manoeuvre in between the turbine shafts and to offer safe and fast transfers from and to shore stations.

Damen has developed the twin axe bow FCS 2710 that is fit to do the work at offshore wind farms with ease and comfort. The catamaran design offers great stability together with a lot of deck space. Both slender hulls have the axe bow design, with a very sharp and deep bow to eliminate slamming in and over waves. The hull design in combination with a two-speed gearbox minimizes the vessel motions and maximizes the vessel’s thrust when being pushed on to the boat landing of a wind turbine, increasing the operability, safety and comfort of crew transfer operations.

AIP FCS 2710 Hybrid 1Built in aluminium, the vessels with an overall length of 26.8 meter and 10.5 meter beam, offer passenger capacity of 24 persons for transfer to offshore workplaces and 90 square meters of deck space. The FCS 2710 can reach speeds up to 25 knots and maintain high speed even at rough seas as the axe bow design eliminates slamming and pitching in waves to great extent.

Based on a proven design with proven equipment, the FCS 2710 ensures durable and robust quality. The vessel offers possibilities for customisation upon the proven platform. Cranes, deck equipment, lay-out of deck and interior spaces as well as the number of passengers seats and crew accommodation can be altered to ship owner demand.

Damen offers more than quality vessels: the yard group offers complete service indicated as ‘ship as a service’. Any alteration to meet specific operational demands, lifelong service and repair and even financing options are included in the services Damen can offer.

With three FCS 2710 Hybrid vessels under construction, Damen is working on the development of an all-electric E-FCS 2710. With the Hybrid versions available from the spring of 2023, the all-electric offshore supply vessel is expected to be available during the year 2024.

More information about the FCS 2710 Hybrid can be found here.

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