Logan Industries Successfully Delivers and Installs 64 Filter Carts, Expanding Service Life for Wireline Tensioner Units

Logan Industries (Logan), a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company, has successfully completed manufacturing, assembly and installation of all 64 filter carts as part of its continual based monitoring program for a drilling contractor’s subsea tensioner equipment, ensuring greater uptime in the field.

Logan Logo 3Logan developed the program in co-operation with the customer to enable full uptime for its wireline tensioner units (WLTs) on four of its drill ships offshore Africa. Each vessel has 16 WLTs onboard, which are critical for holding a subsea riser up in the water column and enabling drilling, completion and intervention work.

A key focus of this program involves preventative maintenance in the form of actively filtering the fluids running through the WLT. Logan developed a unique filter cart in order to keep WLT fluid cleaner for longer, enabling longer service life between maintenance overhauls of the units. Logan’s filter cart continuously filters and polishes the WLT fluid, 24 hours a day, while it is still in service, monitoring the health of the fluid. This type of filtering is especially difficult because each side of the fluid path for the pump moving the fluid is pressurized. This introduced unique design challenges and required lengthy testing and tuning to ensure adequate performance ahead of field deployment.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan Industries, said, “The continual based monitoring program is a preventative health maintenance mindset that reduces overall life of system costs and provides greater operating efficiencies for drilling contractors for the long term. For Logan, proactively preventing subsea equipment failures and keeping essential equipment maintained and ready for service is our specialty.”

The program began in Q2 2019, followed by six months of testing and tuning the prototype, and the delivery of the first set of 16 assembled and completed units in March, 2021.

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