The PLAT-I Tidal Energy System Arrives in Nova Scotia

Fig. 1 Output from our solver, showing the flow field (velocity magnitude) and flow direction.

The PLAT-I tidal energy system, developed by Sustainable Marine Energy, and equipped with four SCHOTTEL HYDRO SIT250 tidal turbines, was installed in Grand Passage, between Brier and Long Island, on Tuesday September 18th.

The marine operations to install the mooring system and the platform started on Saturday 15th September. The PLAT-I floating platform was launched at A.F. Theriault & Son Boatyard in Meteghan River at 6am Tuesday morning, and was towed across to Grand Passage by local fishing vessels TyKiSha-J and Island Lady G. The platform was then installed by Huntley’s Sub-Aqua Construction, using the Kipawo, a 65’ self-propelled barge early Tuesday afternoon.

Image2Kipawo (Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction) alongside the PLAT-I platform shortly after connecting the moorings in Grand Passage

Huntley’s Sub-Aqua Construction was the primary marine contractor for the operation, with Luna Ocean providing operational support, along with a team from Black Rock Tidal Power and Sustainable Marine Energy.

The PLAT-I platform has been installed as part of a collaborative R&D project between Nova Scotian company Black Rock Tidal Power Inc., Edinburgh-based Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd. and SCHOTTEL Hydro GmbH. from Germany, with support from SOAR (Sustainable Oceans Applied Research). The Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines have issued a permit to Black Rock Tidal Power for an initial testing period of 6 months.

The next step in the project is to commission and test environmental monitoring equipment on the platform before the tidal turbines are activated. It is anticipated that this stage will take several weeks, and once the team and the regulators are satisfied that the systems are working well, blades will be installed on the turbines and generation will commence.

Jason Hayman, Managing Director of SME, who is leading the project, commented: “It is fantastic to have PLAT-I redeployed in Nova Scotia so quickly after her initial trials in Scotland. We have been very impressed with the capabilities and positive ‘can do’ attitude of all of the companies in Nova Scotia who have contributed to getting PLAT-I deployed in Grand Passage. A.F. Theriault was responsible for assembling and launching the system. They did an amazing job – really going above and beyond to make this happen so quickly. The same is true of Mike Huntley’s team, and the capabilities and enthusiasm demonstrated by the skippers of the fishing vessels that were an integral part of the operation was amazing. It really does show that tidal energy can be delivered using local assets, and create real value for coastal communities. As the project evolves we look forward to demonstrating just how effective these 2nd generation floating tidal energy systems can be.”

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