Unity Launches Wellhead Integrity Verification Program

Unity’s Wellhead Integrity Verification Program for P&A operations employs innovative technology for improved efficiencies. (Image credit: Unity)

Unity, Europe’s largest provider of well integrity solutions, has launched a new Wellhead Integrity Verification Program for operators and integrated service providers beginning to plan their well abandonment operations.

A package of technical support, products and innovative technologies are combined in the program to deliver an inspection, maintenance, repair and assurance service to verify that wellhead and Xmas Tree equipment is in good condition and fully prepared for decom operations.

The integrity verification provides a complete health check of the Xmas Tree, wellhead and near-surface well equipment and delivers value by reducing risk, cost, downtime, man hours and resources and improving safety and efficiency. It aligns with the industry’s preparatory ‘Phase 0’ stage of plug and abandonment and is a critical stage of work intended to prevent the significant costs associated with unplanned downtime due to equipment failure after rig-based operations have commenced.

Unity 1Unity’s Technical Sales Director, Stuart Slater, explained: “Working closely with operators over the life of their wells and through the decommissioning process, we have seen an escalating need for good integrity planning before embarking on P&A operations. Already attracting a high cost burden, operators are looking to mitigate additional risk, expense and downtime caused by unexpected surface equipment failures. Awareness among our clients of the need to include a full wellhead integrity review in their pre-abandonment planning is increasing and we are ideally placed to work in partnership with the wider industry to deliver this specialist service.”

All Unity’s work is undertaken off the critical path to avoid impacting ongoing operations and is divided into three stages with detailed data reporting, plus recommendations for remediation work if required. It includes:

A: Annulus Integrity Verification – Ensures the A, B and C annuli and associated components are in good condition and free of integrity issues.

B: Barrier Verification – Barrier verification assesses the internal and external condition of the Xmas Tree and all individual parts.

C: Condition and Access Verification – Evaluates internal and external access to the well via the Xmas Tree and around the wellbay to ensure there are no obstructions.

Unity’s range of compact and performance enhancing technology, such as its multi-purpose Surface Intervention System, Shear-Seal Valve, Xmas Tree Isolation System, Unilogger and Valve Removal Tool, among others, assist in the rapid delivery of inspection, testing, maintenance and parts replacement, offering around a 50-75% saving in time and cost compared to alternative methods.

The technology and services included in the program are supported by a range of Unity’s own brand spare parts, rapidly available additive manufactured components, in-stock rental equipment and API Q1 workshop and engineering services in cases where integrity challenges need non-standard solutions.

With over 240 well abandonment projects completed and half that number again in the company’s forward plan, Unity is a leading well integrity partner for operators planning P&A operations.

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