Aquabotix Partners with Azorean Aquatic Technologies

UUV Aquabotix Ltd. has announced the addition of new commercial partner and distributor Azorean Aquatic Technologies, S.A. to help support the company’s global expansion and sale of its underwater robotics products, including its Endura ROV (remotely operated vehicle), Integra AUV/ROV (autonomous underwater vehicle/remotely operated vehicle) and AquaLens Connect underwater camera system.

To date, Aquabotix has sold more than 380 vehicles in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

“We welcome Azorean to our distributor and partner network,” said David Batista, CEO of Aquabotix. “We are excited to have a commercial partner in our network that covers a native market encompassing an economic exclusive area in the Atlantic Ocean the size of Europe. This presents us with many opportunities to maximize use of our underwater vehicles and camera systems, which will help advance research and exploration of shallow and deep waters.”

Founded in 2012, Azorean seeks innovative solutions to produce low-cost specialized instruments and autonomous robots for multiple market segments, including recreation, business and scientific exploration. The company’s first product is Ziphius™, an aquatic drone controlled by a smartphone.

Aquabotix and Azorean embody Portugal’s tradition of ocean exploration as both companies have Portuguese roots. Azorean is headquartered in Ponta Delgada, Azores, while Batista and Aquabotix founder and chief technology officer Durval Tavares are both dual citizens of Portugal and the United States.

“While Azorean is primarily a consumer product-oriented aquatic technologies company, we are frequently approached to deliver products and services to professional clients in the fishing, aquaculture, yachting, scientific research, environmental monitoring, security and harbor services sectors,” said António Câmara, chairman of Azorean. “Those products and services typically fall in the autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles category, and require high-quality cameras and sensors. In Aquabotix, we have found a high-quality supplier of these solutions.”

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