FarSounder Releases New Brochure: Advanced Underwater Solutions

FarSounder has released its new brochure: Advanced Underwater Solutions. This full-color brochure is designed to help inform those in military, government, research, and survey sectors, among others, about FarSounder’s 3D Sonar systems. It lays out how the system can help these vessels perform their missions efficiently and safely as they navigate the lesser charted areas of the world's oceans.

Advanced Underwater Solutions consists of four informative pages that include an array of vivid images. The brochure not only features information about FarSounder’s innovative forward-looking sonar (FLS), it also features a breakdown of the system’s capabilities. It is also important to note the overarching technical specifications are listed in an easy-to-read grid on the back.

FarsounderNewBrochureFrom the Local History Mapping™ (LHM) application, to real-time, 3D data of what lies ahead of the vessel underwater, FarSounder is proud of its user-friendly technology with many applications. Providing this informational tool featuring its abilities to the military, rescue, autonomous, survey, research, and government sectors is important for growth in these markets.

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