Next Geosolutions Surveys Roman Mediterranean Ports

Next Geosolutions, an independent geoscience and engineering service provider, has secured a €1.25million (£1million) mapping and survey contract with Naples Port Authority for the Archaeological Sites Mapping Project, based in the Port of Naples.

The project, which commenced in July and is due for completion by December 2016, will see Next Geosolutions carry out marine survey techniques including high-resolution bathymetry, morphology, shallow geology and magnetometric surveys of the Port’s internal waters. The interpretation of the sea bed will provide a foundation for accurate mapping on a large scale.

Carlo Pinto, Next Geosolutions sales and marketing director

Carlo Pinto, Next Geosolutions sales and marketing director said: “Securing this contract with Naples Port Authority is of strategic importance to Next Geosolutions and enables us to further develop our capabilities within the marine survey market. It reinforces our key objective; to fully appreciate our clients’ requirements and provide them with high quality solutions.

“Application of geophysical survey techniques is best practice for detailed mapping of archaeological features on known archaeological sites, and within the Port of Naples, previous underwater and aerial surveys have shown numerous submerged archaeological remains.”

Marine archaeologists and professional divers will use their knowledge and expertise to evaluate Next Geosolutions findings after excavation and exploration of the underwater sites. There is the possibility that findings may range from the Roman Imperial Period to WWII.

Mr Pinto continued: “This is an exciting workscope for Next Geosolutions; we’re delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to this project and have combined methodologies and innovation to ensure invaluable results for our client.”

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