Our Ocean Future – Our Ocean Economy: Sustainable Ocean Summit and Global Ocean Industry Scenarios

We cannot plan for our ocean future without knowing our ocean economy, i.e. knowing when, where and what kinds and levels of industry activity is likely.

At the Sustainable Ocean Summit you will hear, for the first time in one location, projections of ocean use trends, locations, opportunities, risks, and constraints for the next 50 years for each major industry sector.

The “Ocean + 50” session will bring together future ocean industry scenarios and what these mean for the ocean business community, for the ocean economy overall, and for the ocean itself – focusing especially on the next 15 years, the time frame of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Expert presentations will describe the future of shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy, cruise tourism, marine mining and submarine cables in this first-ever comprehensive platform on the future of ocean industries.

The rich and comprehensive SOS 2015 conference program convenes the global ocean business community around issues of material importance to our ocean future and our ocean economy.

An increasing number of CEOs and senior industry representatives from shipping, fisheries, oil and gas, aquaculture, tourism, seabed mining, renewable energy, ports, technology, innovation, investment and other areas are signing on as speakers and participants for the SOS 2015’s unprecedented, global, multi-industry look at “Sustainable Development and Growing the Blue Economy – the Next 50 Years”.

SOS 2015 CONFERENCE AND HOTEL RESERVATIONS ARE BECOMING LIMITED Sustainable Ocean Summit 2015: 9-11 Nov 2015, Singapore Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore

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