SOS 2016 to Advance Industry/Science Collaboration for Ocean and Polar Sustainable Development

Arctia Ltd, a WOC Member and one owner of the strongest icebreaker fleets in the world, will launch an international Arctic expedition in the summer of 2017 as part of the Finland 100 jubilee year – and welcomes research partners to join this extraordinary opportunity for Arctic access.

The WOC’s upcoming SOS 2016 (Rotterdam, 30 Nov-2 Dec) session on “Polar Region Sustainable Development: Business and Science Collaboration in the Arctic and Antarctic” (in partnership with EU-PolarNet) will include Arctia. The session will explore how industry can share infrastructure or data with the research community, with the “Arctia 100 Expedition” providing a real example of how to make this work.

Arctia owns and operates eight icebreakers, three of which have the classifications and the experience in operating in Arctic waters. The company is offering universities and research institutes worldwide the possibility to plan and participate in a unique Arctic expedition in the summer of 2017.

Research in the Arctic is essential for the study of climate change, yet many institutes around the world with research interests in the Arctic do not have reasonable logistical means to access the Arctic Ocean. Icebreaker-assisted exploration in the Arctic region requires resources and international cooperation.

Arctia wants to enable polar science by offering capable breakers and know-how for shared use by the research community. The results obtained during the voyage will be used in the work done by the participating research organisations and in developing international cooperation associated with the Arctic region.

Arctia Group is a limited company owned by the state of Finland. It provides icebreaking, ice management, oil spill response and other polar maritime services. Arctia’s icebreakers and staff have a solid track record in demanding Arctic operations with international partners. The company has transited both the Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage, and operated in Chukchi Sea, the coast of Greenland and other Arctic areas.

The final full SOS 2016 Program is online here.

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