University of Gothenburg Acquires Leading-Edge Winch for Scientific Research

Antarctica expedition benefits from a state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicle (ROV) winch supplied by MacArtney Underwater Technology. An icebreaking polar supply and research vessel is to map out underwater conditions in the icy waters in terms of subsurface and marine life.

MERMAC R10 AHC – Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Winch to go on its first expedition to Antarctica

The winch system, which was acquired through Swedish SubSea Solutions on the part of University of Gothenburg, will be put to good use on board South African icebreaking polar supply and research vessel S. A. Agulhas II designed to carry out scientific research and supply to South African research stations in Antarctica. Soon it will be heading for Antartica to carry out various underwater explorations, and on board the vessel a MERMAC R10 AHC ROV winch with active heave compensation (AHC) has been installed to ensure dependable and high-quality performance of the studies in question.

The actual winch system

The system supplied is an electrically driven winch ensuring robust and advanced handling systems which safely control the launch, operation and recovery of work class and inspection ROV systems. The winch is extremely dependable, offers high performance and is easy to use. Its design is compact and consists of modular systems. Several components are standardized, making it easy to specify, adapt or upgrade to the performance and capacity required.

-To the MacArtney Group mutual trust and cooperativeness are essential features of succeeding when carrying out cooperation and teamwork with our customers, says MacArtney Vice President of Sales & Marketing Hans-Jørgen Hansen adding: MacArtney is very pleased to provide quality underwater technology to empower the important scientific ocean exploration that is undertaken by the University of Gothenburg and its marine science partners.

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