Armach Robotics’ Powerful Hull Cleaning Solution to be Presented at Nor-Shipping

Image credit: Armach Robotics

EverClean™, the innovative robotic hull cleaning service, will be presented to the maritime industry during next month’s Nor-shipping exhibition, the meeting place for leading maritime players, innovators, and key stakeholders.

The focus on decarbonizing shipping has seen an increase from a range of industry stakeholders, with solutions offering to support decarbonization efforts having to be sustainable and scalable, in order to be able to have the required impact to vessel owners and operators, and ultimately the environment.

Armach Robotics’ (Armach) technology was highlighted as a ‘solution to watch’ at the end of 2022, having been shortlisted in a Biofouling Innovation Challenge by the Ocean Opportunity Lab and World Ocean Council. Since then, Armach successfully completed its proof-of-concept phase for the hull cleaning system by demonstrating the effectiveness of its hull cleaning robots with a select number of commercial ship operators, and has moved into an early adopter stage with them.

2 Cruise shipImage credit: Armach Robotics

Armach delivers a sustainable and scalable solution in managing biofouling for the global shipping industry, and earlier this year launched EverClean™ – a service providing always clean hulls for ship owners and operators, with the added value of perpetual hull condition monitoring.

Greensea’s sophisticated hull relative navigation technology makes EverClean™ effective and efficient, ensuring that each section of the hull is cleaned without accidental repeat. EverClean’s use of the Armach Vehicles is the enabling factor to offer vessel owners a new, revolutionary way to manage their fleet’s hull performance.

Armach“By managing an always clean hull we change the entire dynamic around hull maintenance from an inefficient, episodic or reactionary model to an always clean intelligence-based model” says Rob Howard, Chief Growth Officer at Armach Robotics. He continues: “By focusing on the ship staying always clean, EverClean™ further enhances operational efficiencies through the constant collection and reporting of important ship hull data to aid in hull change detection and coating system monitoring.”

Armach will be available to discuss the EverClean™ service, and the cutting-edge technology behind it, at Nor-shipping, Oslo, Norway, 6 – 9thJune 2023, Hall D, D01-05.

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