Atlas North America Adds RANGER to its List of Professional Grade Imaging Sonar Systems

With a compact footprint, RANGER SAS can fit on most vehicles (Image credit: Atlas North America)

Marine Sonic Technology (MST), a brand of Atlas North America, a leader in the ultra-high resolution imaging sonar systems is pleased to announce a Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) designed for man portable autonomous undersea vehicles (AUV) and larger.

As with all Marine Sonics Sonars, the Ranger SAS consumes the least power of any SAS sonar on the market while still providing a search rate that meets the most stringent of demands.

The Ranger SAS utilizes MST’s proven sonar electronics module in combination with uniquely designed SAS arrays which provide a 300-meter search range (150 meters per side) at a 3 cm resolution. This standard sonar has a 300-meter depth rating but is also available with a 1000-meter depth rating. In addition, the standard system includes our proprietary Sea Scan Survey Software, Lifetime Technical Support and a three (3) year warranty.

“The Ranger is our most ambitious, and technically-advanced development project to date. It has all of the hallmarks of our compact, lightweight, and energy-conscious design philosophy”, beams Josh Nicholson, Director of Engineering at Marine Sonic Technology.

Screen Shot 2022 01 25 at 1.33.13 PMFine details (3cm resolution) of a sunken sailboat at 100m range (altitude 8m).

“The small, compact, affordable SAS allows users of small-size AUVs to employ this technology from all but the smallest classes of AUVs. The Ranger SAS will deliver greatly enhanced underwater imaging capabilities which will fit most any customer budget,” says Sergio Diehl, President of Atlas North America-Marine Sonic Technology.

The Ranger is a long-awaited addition to the Marine Sonic Technology product line of sonars, which are known for superb quality, ease of use, and are specifically designed for today’s challenging environment.

ATLAS North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH of Bremen, Germany and serves the U.S. market with a specific focus on naval mine countermeasures and high-resolution imaging sonars for defense, first responders, and commercial use. ATLAS NA is located in Yorktown, Virginia.

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