FUELTRAX Announces Compatibility with Opsealog

FUELTRAX, an industry pioneer and vanguard for electronic fuel monitoring systems (EFMS), has formalized compatibility with data integration service provider, Opsealog.

FUELTRAX is a smart, self-contained, marine fuel management solution, which protects assets and ensures security of fuel, compliance, and optimized vessel performance. Opsealog works in partnership with customers to integrate with FUELTRAX data and to generate additional analysis and controls for upstream level management.

Opsealog and FUELTRAX currently work together on 3 vessels, and through formalizing this compatibility, both organizations expect this number to expand amongst their mutual client base.

Chief Executive Officer, Anthony George, FUELTRAX, said:

“I am proud to say that we’ve always been compatible with Opsealog, and this new partnership formalizes this to the industry. The market is recognizing the need for automated digitalization in fuel management. Partnering with Opsealog helps us provide these benefits to our mutual clients, and assures that precise, real-time fuel data will be available to Opsealog.”

Managing Director, Arnaud Dianoux, Opsealog, said:

“As a data integrator, we are currently developing our data supplier network across various IoT sensors on board, to generate efficiency based on data and analysis. We are proud today to confirm FUELTRAX compatibility with our growing supplier network for the benefit of our mutual clients.”

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