High-Temperature LVDT Position Sensors for Hostile Environments

High-Temperature LVDT Position Sensors from New Tek Sensor Solutions perform in applications with extreme temperature environments where other position sensing technologies such as encoders, magnetostrictive sensors and potentiometers cannot survive.

Logo SloganWith standard AC-operated LVDTs available in temperatures up to 400◦F (204°C) and custom linear position sensors available with temperature ratings up to 1000°F (538°C), NewTek offers sensors in a range of temperature ranges that offer the highest reliability in challenging applications such as chemical processes (valve position at petrochemical plants), material testing chambers (specimen position monitoring), power plants (steam valve positioning), downhole oil drilling (cutter orientation, wellbore case profiling and wire and cable line tension measurement) and jet engines (valve positioning near engine cores).

All of NewTek Linear Position Sensors feature frictionless operation due to the absence of physical content between the housing and the core, excellent accuracy and repeatability, and a near-infinite expected service life. LVDTs are available in ranges from ± 0.500 inch (± 12.7 mm) to ± 10 inches (±254 mm). NewTek offers LVDT signal conditioning that pairs with AC-operated LVDTs operating in extreme temperature that enables digital communications via RS-485 2-wire multi-drop bus. The AC-operated sensors operate in the high temperatures of the environment while the signal conditioner is stationed in a non-volatile area for greater system longevity and reliability. The signal conditioner enables display of output on a computer-based data acquisition system for statistical process control or automated process control.

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