Miros Launches Unique Dual Sensor for Measuring Directional Wave Spectra

WaveFusion is the first of the new next-generation wave radar series by Miros. Credit: Miros

Ocean insights leader Miros releases a new unique dual sensor for measuring directional wave spectra, developed by the offshore wind industry.

WaveFusionTM is the first of the new next-generation wave radar series by Miros. The directional wave radar provides more visibility and insights over the sea state in all-weather critical maritime operations including shallow waters. The sensor accurately measures data in real-time by utilizing up to 13 sample areas which are at different distances from the turbine.

Combining the footprints, complemented by smart processing algorithms enables new levels of data performance, reliability and redundancy providing a better understanding of the sea state not impacted by the shadowing effect created by the structure.

WaveFusion was developed following industry feedback expressing the wish for a high-quality sensor that reliably measures waves at multiple locations around a wind turbine without compromising on accuracy. The unmatched new sensor combines downward looking and remote sampling measurements taken further – approximately 200m away – from the turbine to ensure accurate assessment of all directional and non-directional waves between one to 30+ seconds.

Earlier this year, the company also launched Data Explorer, a new solution allowing the easy creation of purpose-oriented all-in-one sharable dashboards to analyze real-time and historical data from one or multiple offshore wind sites.

The data from WaveFusion can be integrated into the Data Explorer dashboards, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use solution. The system helps operations and maintenance teams significantly reduce energy consumption levels and emissions caused by cancelled offshore operations due to uncertainties around weather conditions and site access. This supports organisations in achieving environmental and sustainability targets.

WaveFusion was developed to reliably measure waves at multiple locations around a wind turbine without compromising on accuracy. Credit: Miros

Jonas Røstad, Chief Commercial Officer at Miros: “One of the key challenges facing offshore wind operators is accurately measuring directional and non-directional waves around a wind turbine. We are pleased to now have a great sensor to offer. We think the combination of measuring both at the spot of interest and further away from the structure to avoid interference and reflections and choosing the best and most relevant samples during processing will give the most reliable data in all sea states.

“I am proud of our team’s efforts in developing the new sensor. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation and ensuring that our customers have access to the latest technology. We constantly challenge the technology, the material, and the markets we operate in, but the one core area we have never challenged is the definition of quality. Customer satisfaction has always been central to our business.”

WaveFusion is available through the company Sea-State-as-a-Service, which provides customers with access to the data and 24-hour technical support under a subscription model, without the need to purchase, insure, or maintain the equipment.

Learn more: https://miros-group.com/

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