New Game Changing Product for the Oceanographic Industry

Mooring Systems, Inc. of Cataumet, Massachusetts announces the completion of a new game changing product for the oceanographic industry following many years of development and sea trials.

2 MooringSystemsIncGHOST, which stands for Global Hidden Ocean Satellite Telemetry, is a new covert data delivery system for sub- surface moorings. This unique product provides the ability to capture data from subsea instruments and deliver the data to a host computer from any ocean at any depth and virtually without ever being visible.

GHOST attaches to the top of a sub-surface mooring’s upper most buoy and travels up and down through the water column. This self-powered automated device transports a satellite antenna to the ocean surface multiple times throughout its pre-defined mission. GHOST consists of two primary components, a motorized vessel referred to as TRANSPORTER, and a tethered TRANSMITTER BUOY. Only the transmitter buoy will breach the ocean surface spending less than 5 minutes to transmit collected instrument data files. TRANSPORTER will remain just below the sea surface during the transmission then retract to a safe and hidden park depth.

GHOST is an adaptable tool for existing moored instrument data collection applications and new applications that have historically failed or never perceived possible.

GHOST is a significant breakthrough for the collection and transmission of ADCP data prior to mooring recovery. This benefit provides both early project reporting and assurance that valuable data is not entirely lost if an instrument fails prematurely or the mooring recovery operation is not successful.

GHOST solves surface buoy vandalism problems experienced with Tsunami detection systems, provides a new method for Government organizations to conduct marine security missions, and for conservation applications to identify and alert the presence of marine mammals.

This new TAUV (tethered AUV) product entry marks Mooring Systems as a leader in mooring automation. “Our combined expertise in underwater mooring and buoy system engineering, inductively coupling instruments for data capture, satellite telemetry, and system automation has led our design team to the development of this breakthrough commercially available product that significantly advances oceanographic mooring technology.” This product is patent pending.

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