Raymarine Set a New Standard in Commercial Vessel Operations

(Image credit: Raymarine)

Raymarine is disrupting the commercial marine market with a cost-effective and easy-to-install, IMO-compliant solid-state X-band radar system – the Pathfinder Radar. Built on the brand’s proven and award-winning solid-state radar technology, Pathfinder is designed for CAT 2 and CAT 3 SOLAS vessels.

Available in CAT2 and CAT3 configurations, this revolutionary radar system is ideal for vessels up to 10,000 tons, including superyacht, megayacht and OSV/deep water vessels. Using cutting-edge solid-state technology, the system delivers exceptional resolution and detection capabilities even in the most challenging maritime conditions. Compliant with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards IEC 62288 and IEC 62388, this radar stands out for its reduced maintenance, enhanced longevity, and ease of operation. The Pathfinder X-Band radar is set to redefine maritime situational awareness, making voyages in challenging environments safer and more predictable.

Grégoire Outters, General Manager at Raymarine said, “Raymarine has a proven track record of designing intuitive, effective, and industry-leading electronics for recreational vessels. The sleek and rugged Pathfinder system is the perfect solution for commercial vessels, and we are very excited to release it to this vital sector.”

2 Pathfinder IMO 24 Radar(Image credit: Raymarine)

Delivering exceptional clarity and an intuitive user interface, Pathfinder is driven by a fan-less, six- foot, low-profile open array antenna. It offers crews superior target separation and increased long-range resolution using CHIRP pulse compression and beam sharpening technology. The solid-state transmitter provides performance exceeding a 12kW magnetron, and the system meets and exceeds all IMO performance requirements for target detection.

At half the weight of comparable commercial radar arrays, the Pathfinder system is easy to install and has a small-diameter cable, simplifying runs and reducing installation time by days. In addition, it is available with console mounts, deck stands, or desktop mounts for ease of retrofitting.

The Pathfinder system has ample input and output ports, allowing for complete customizability and the ability to add functionality in the future. The displays, available in 16- or 19-inches for CAT 3 vessels or 22- or 24-inches for CAT 2, are the brightest on the market, greatly increasing the longevity of the system. The displays are protected with Raymarine’s HydroTough™ nano-coating technology, which repels water and oil contaminants while delivering HD resolution and excellent sunlight visibility. Taking a ground-up approach to the user experience, Raymarine has designed a new interface allowing access to critical features without distracting from the main radar screen.

For more information on Raymarine and its full line of marine products, visit http://www.raymarine.com/commercial/.

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