Reygar Secures InnovateUK Funding for FleetVision Project

Joel Lee Wei Khai (right) and Capt Kevin Wong (center) of Penguin International Limited with Reygar MD Chris Huxley-Reynard (left). Image credit: Reygar.

Award-winning vessel monitoring and control solutions provider, Reygar, has won InnovateUK funding to develop a range of new features for its successful BareFLEET product in collaboration with Singapore-based designer, builder, owner and operator of high-speed aluminium craft, Penguin International Limited.

The project, dubbed FleetVision, will build on Reygar’s commercially proven BareFLEET technology to offer live feedback on various aspects of vessel performance, leveraging Penguin’s extensive experience in shipbuilding and ship management.

Machine learning tools will be jointly developed to identify operating efficiency and cost reduction opportunities and to monitor machinery health, alongside adaptations that will enable more vessel types to benefit from the system.

Penguin designs and builds a range of aluminium workboats which it also owns and operates. Since 1995, Penguin has delivered over 200 aluminium vessels to ship owners globally and is the world’s biggest builder of multi-role crew boats.

Both Reygar and Penguin envisage long-term, mutual benefits, with the project acting as a potential launch pad for access to new technology and target markets. James Tham, Penguin’s Managing Director, sees vast potential in the application of data- driven performance monitoring technology to enhance efficiency and emission reductions for commercial high-speed vessels.

“FleetVision represents the coming together of proven expertise and experience in real-time remote monitoring technology and the design, construction and operation of efficient, human-centric high-speed workboats. The outcome will be an intelligent performance analytics and decision support tool, developed by experienced practitioners, for sustainable high-speed vessel operations.”

Reygar2Flex-42X multi-role crewboat – credit Penguin International

Reygar was founded in 2012 by Chris Huxley-Reynard and Felix Francis, both of whom have extensive, hands-on experience in offshore renewables, maritime operations and the application of new technologies for efficient fleet operations. Applying that understanding of the practical challenges faced by mariners and vessel operators has been key in developing the company’s simple to use and cost-effective technology.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, CEO of Reygar, said: “We are passionate about helping fleet operators make better, more informed decisions to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Live feedback on vessel performance means that a range of cost, fuel and emissions saving opportunities can be seen and acted upon in real time, optimising operations both onboard and from the shore. Leveraging machine learning to help identify trends in machinery health and vessel performance also improves availability and supports the achievement of operating efficiency goals.”

FleetVision kicked off towards the end of 2022 and is expected to run over the next two years. The collaborative research and development project is funded by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, and in partnership with Enterprise Singapore.

BareFLEET is Reygar’s award-winning fleet remote monitoring system. It provides unparalleled, business-critical insight into fleet fuel use, emissions, machinery health, VMMS motion and navigational activity based on continuous on-board sensor measurements.

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