Scantrol Delivers Systems for Next Generation’s Unmanned Surface Vessels

Fugro Blue Essence® and Fugro Blue Volta®: The mTrack unit is used to control Hydramec’s UMS system for Fugro’s ROV Fugro Blue Volta® onboard the USV Fugro Blue Essence®. (Photo credited: Fugro)

During the last few years Scantrol has become a major player in a new market, delivering controls of remotely operated launch and recovery systems for unmanned surface vessels (USV).

So far Scantrol has more than 20 orders for USV systems. Five of these deliveries are mTrack systems used to control Hydramec´s Umbilical Management Systems (UMS) for Fugro’s Fugro Blue Volta® ROV.

Fugro Blue Volta® ROV is integrated and deployed from a USV in order to carry out remote inspection for offshore projects. USVs can perform inspections and collect data without the need for a crew. The vessel uses Scantrol’s mTrack control system to make sure that the winch from Hydramec is safely operated. Hydramec has been a trusted partner for Scantrol for years, and an important alliance to enter the USV market.

“It is very inspiring to see the end-result of our work on these vessels, especially when we know that our customers are leading the way with technology that contributes to more sustainable operations,” says Rolf Hjelmeland, Vice President for Scantrol’s AHC and USVs.

The ocean industry’s focus towards reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact means that survey contractors have stepped up their efforts to remove personnel from offshore operations and begun implementing fully unmanned operation. Moving to unmanned operations massively reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, it reduces costs and keeps HSE risks to a minimum.

Developing control systems for unmanned operations has been on Scantrol’s agenda for several years. With more than 20 orders for USV systems, including a delivery for Europe’s first oil offshore integrity inspections campaign using USV and ROV, this market will be one of Scantrol’s focus areas. The key to Scantrol’s success is developing, testing and implementing the technology in close collaboration with clients to ensure safety and reliability.

“Our next delivery to Hydramec and Fugro will have an even bigger scope and a new HMI developed together with the operators,” says Hjelmeland.


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