Seabed 2030 and Esri Enters into New Agreement

Seabed 2030 and Esri have entered a new formal agreement, which will see the two organizations work collaboratively towards the shared objective of assembling a global compilation of high-resolution bathymetric data, to assist us in the sustainable use of our planet.

Seabed 2030 is a collaborative project between The Nippon Foundation and GEBCO to inspire the complete mapping of the world’s ocean by 2030, and to compile all bathymetric data into the freely available GEBCO Ocean Map. GEBCO is a joint project of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), and is the only organization with a mandate to map the entire ocean floor.

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Committed to solving our planet’s most pressing challenges with geographic expertise and rational resolve, Esri’s mission is to inspire and enable people to positively impact their future through a deeper understanding of the changing world around them. This understanding involves a commitment to ocean science and maritime industry.

Esri places high importance on increased engagement with the ocean science community, as complex ocean science questions and data are increasingly used to inform the responsible use and governance of the oceans, as well as conservation.

“As we enter our last decade, Seabed 2030 warmly welcomes the support of a renowned organization such as Esri. With experts in geographic science, software development, and data analytics, the work of Esri will no doubt greatly support our mission of compiling all bathymetric data of the entire global ocean floor by 2030,” commented Jamie McMichael-Phillips, Director of the Seabed 2030 Project.

Dr Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist of Esri said: “We are dedicated to a sustainable planet and Esri is therefore committed to supporting initiatives such as Seabed 2030, which play a fundamental role in allowing us to better understand and protect our planet.

“Since our beginning in 1969, Esri has cultivated collaborative relationships with partners who share our commitment to solving Earth’s most pressing challenges with geographic expertise. To this end, we are proud to count Seabed 2030 as a partner.”

All data collected and shared with the Seabed 2030 Project is included in the GEBCO global grid – the most complete bathymetric dataset of the world’s ocean floor, which is free and publicly available.

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