Teledyne RD Instruments Launches New Wayfinder DVL for Micro Vehicles

Teledyne RD Instruments announces the launch of its new Wayfinder Doppler Velocity Log (DVL). 

The Wayfinder has been designed to provide Doppler navigation capability for micro vehicles, which are often constrained by stringent size, weight and budget limitations.  Measuring just 10 x 10 x 7 cm and weighing in at .51 kg, Teledyne RDI’s new Wayfinder is ideally suited to address the needs of our industry’s proliferation of increasingly smaller subsea vehicles.   

Wayfinder 1Pocket-Sized Packaging 

At just 10 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm, Wayfinder is by far the smallest DVL Teledyne has ever designed, making it ideally suited for micro ROVs. Wayfinder literally puts subsea navigation in the palm of your hand. 

Precise Performance

Performance matters. Wayfinder has demonstrated in the water its superior data quality compared with DVLs of similar size. Don’t risk your mission’s success to inferior solutions. 


Often, smaller vehicles mean smaller budgets, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on technology. Wayfinder’s low price enables a new generation of scientists, explorers and hobbyists to navigate micro vehicles with confidence. 

Wayfinder installed

Proven Reliability 

Thousands of Teledyne Marine DVLs are in use on vehicles worldwide, conducting critical missions for commercial, defense and academic applications.

Easy to Integrate & Operate 

Wayfinder has been designed for quick and easy installation and operation. With our comprehensive online support, tools and documentation, your DVL will be installed and ready to go in no time.


Reduce Costs 

  • Track your position without the added expense and complexity of a Ultra Shor​t Baseline (USBL) system

  • Know your vehicle altitude without the cost and added payload of an altimeter

Improve Productivity

  • Navigate safely, even in turbid and deep water
  • Find and retrieve deployed objects more efficiently

Create Better Maps and Visuals

  • Support flexible mission objectives from subsea cameras and videography to seabed mapping

  • Record locations where images/photos were taken

Easily Integrate Onto Your ROV

  • Save valuable time and money with our easy to install DVL and fully online documentation and support.

Reduce Complexity When Piloting 

  • Hover and station keep your ROV with confidence
  • Mark waypoints or sites for later return

In 1992, Teledyne RD Instruments delivered the first high-precision Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), based on broadband signaling. More than 5000 of these DVLs have been supplied worldwide, improving navigation and positioning of subsea vehicles of all sizes. 

That experience and technology are now distilled into Wayfinder, 
a pocket-sized DVL designed for navigating today’s smaller and more-affordable micro ROVs. 

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