Teledyne RESON’s T-Series is Leading the Way with Next Generation Modular Sonar Technology

8Teledyne SeaBat IDH

Teledyne RESON introduces four new multibeam sonar systems: the Integrated Dual Head SeaBat T20-R & T50-R and the modular SeaBat T20-R & T50-R Multibeam Sonars. These new multibeam sonars are all built on the cutting edge SeaBat T-series platform which delivers incredible data quality, enhanced sonar capabilities and a selection of sonar processors including the new Rack Mount processor – all allowing you to configure the solution to meet your needs and ensure that you maximize your investment.

SeaBat Integrated Dual head T20-R and T50-R

New Rack-Mounted Sonar Processor – with built-in INS

The new Rack-Mounted Sonar Processor (RSP) forms the basis of the SeaBat T20-R, SeaBat T50-R single head and the Integrated Dual Head products. The RSP comes with an optional industry leading Inertial Navigation System (INS) for accurate sensor time tagging and motion stabilization securing minimal interfacing. The INS is fully integrated in the RSP which in total only occupies 2U in an industry standard 19’’ rack allowing you to save valuable rack space.

Ultimate flexibility

The SeaBat T-Series is a unique modularized sonar concept with a distinct design which allows you to build a survey solution based on compact high-resolution sonars which can be scaled to match the needs from smaller survey platforms to larger vessels.

The family includes the SeaBat T20 and T50 sonar receivers, the highly Portable Sonar Processor (PSP) and the new Rack-Mounted Sonar Processor RSP. The modular design allows you to start out with a smaller SeaBat T20 and later upgrade your sonar simply by replacing the receiver array. Changing configurations between the super compact and lightweight 1o T20 configuration and the ultra-high resolution 0.5o T50 configuration is easy with the user friendly SeaBat Updater software.

One Sonar Processor – one complete Integrated Dual Head

The new Integrated Dual Head SeaBat T20-R (IDH) and T50-R (IDH) are complete multibeam sonar survey systems, with one rack-mounted sonar processor running one fully integrated dual head sonar system. We now provide maximized swath coverage of 220 degree and 1024 beams with advanced beam forming options. The built-in INS is pre-configured which together with the incredibly clean data makes the system easy mobilize and easy to use, allowing you to provide survey deliverables faster than ever before.

“The SeaBat T-series is uniquely designed as a highly modularized sonar system with backward and forward compatibilities,“ says Tim Lysholt Jensen, VP of Technology and Product Management for Acoustic Imaging Products in Teledyne Marine. “The sonar delivers extremely clean and easy-to-process data and advanced features like Normalized Backscatter, Multi-Detect, X-Range and task specific beamforming modes allow you to get the most out of your surveys. Our technology provides our customers and users superior performance and results enabling them to reduce both survey and post processing time and thereby lower their survey costs and offer more competitive services to their clients.

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