CSA Builds a Rapid Mobilization System for Offshore Surveys

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), a specialist in the sampling, monitoring, and assessment of marine environments, recognizes the challenge of mobilizing equipment and personnel in a cost-effective, safe, and efficient manner, often with short notice.

csa ocean sciences logoThe greatest challenge lies in rapidly integrating, packaging, and transporting appropriate, fit-for-purpose equipment and supplies customized for a particular project, region, and water depth. Streamlining this mobilization process is imperative, particularly in the oil and gas sector.

To meet the objective of streamlining the mobilization process, CSA identified the core components of a Rapid Mobilization System (RMS) designed for deepwater offshore surveys. CSA’s RMS is a self-contained “three-lift” system consisting of a Control Van, Lab Van, and Launch and Recovery System (LARS). Each is equipped with the necessities for sampling and monitoring in deep marine environments. The RMS allows for equipment and instrument deployment using vessels of opportunity, such as Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs). Scientists and operations specialists on board a vessel with the RMS installed will be able to collect real-time, in-situ measurements of salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, and turbidity as well as physical samples of water and sediment for laboratory analysis. The LARS is a custom, self-contained unit designed to accommodate deepwater equipment deployment using either 3,500 m of electromechanical cable or high-strength, non-conducting Kevlar or Technora rope.

“Development of this modular capability within CSA means our teams can mobilize equipment more efficiently and with greater safety when our services are needed around the world,” stated Kevin Peterson, President of CSA. “It’s fundamental to our corporate mission that we provide high-quality, reliable services—and we do this in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.”

CSA brings 47 years of specialized experience in marine environmental consulting, working on environmental assessments worldwide through offices in the United States, the Eastern Mediterranean, Qatar, Trinidad, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia. CSA’s expertise in coastal, marine, and deep ocean surveys, sampling, monitoring, assessment, and mitigation is built on the integration of science, operations, and an understanding of environmental data collection, management, and analysis within geospatial domains.

For more information on CSA’s range of marine environmental consulting services, click here.

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