Improving Riser Safety with Composite Buoyancy

Landing String Solutions LLC signs agreement with Trelleborg’s offshore operation for Trelleborg to manufacture its patented landing string buoyancy system featuring 100% composite materials. Through this agreement, both companies are aiming to market the solution to a wider customer base globally.

b587874e12369970 orgChris von Eberstein, Vice President, Landing String Solutions LLC, says: “Trelleborg’s offshore operation did an excellent job qualifying the materials for the landing string buoyancy application and manufactured the first system for us, which was successfully deployed in the Gulf of Mexico. We decided to continue working with Trelleborg based on the success of the first system in addition to their global brand recognition and high-quality manufacturing processes. We are looking forward to working together to aggressively promote the system and encourage implementation in the market.”

Antony Croston, Business Group Director with Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Houston says: “We strive to enhance the business performance and competitiveness of our customers and are delighted to continue our agreement with Landing String Solutions. It builds on an existing relationship where Trelleborg augmented Landing String’s vision and qualified a range of nonmetallic materials to operate in drilling fluids through a range of pressures in combination with high temperatures experienced in drilling operations. This included clamp components as well as protected buoyancy elements. The Landing String Solutions full system was deployed successfully in 2016, proving the robust nature of the design and delivering the anticipated results. Our new agreement opens up opportunities for us to work together to maximize awareness and expand this exciting new market.”

Landing string buoyancy enables drilling contractors to deploy longer heavier casing and other downhole tubulars, reducing rig time, maximizing efficiencies and lowering costs. Depending on well design, the system may even eliminate a tieback step, resulting in multimillion dollar savings per well. The buoyancy system is designed to offset the landing string weight by up to 80% in some cases and enables safer and more cost-effective deep-water oil and gas operations.

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