Ingersoll Rand Introduces New Subsea Hydraulic Hoist

Ideal for tough and unusual applications above deck and underwater, Ingersoll Rand has introduced the Subsea Hydraulic Hoist for ship repair and ship husbandry, salvage and recovery operations, subsea maintenance and repair operations, and decommissioning subsea structures.

Operators can use the Subsea Hoist at depths of up to 30 meters underwater, where repairs or maintenance are often needed. 

“The Ingersoll Rand® Subsea Hydraulic Hoist allows people to make underwater repairs at dock or while at sea. This can save customers thousands of dollars by avoiding the time and expense of pulling a ship into a dry dock for repairs or maintenance,” said Austin Lieb, Vice President of Product Management, Ingersoll Rand Material Handling. “Based on input from maintenance divers, we’ve designed the Subsea Hydraulic Hoist to provide the utmost manoeuvrability underwater.”   

Constructed to meet the industry’s safety and regulatory engineering standards, the hoist moves equipment safely, reliably and efficiently. The Subsea Hydraulic Hoist is available in capacities ranging from six to 50 tons. 

The Subsea Hydraulic Hoist’s standard features are designed to meet submerged conditions in temperatures as low as -20° Celsius/-4° Fahrenheit. The diver-friendly pendant controller can be operated with one hand so that the other hand can be free to control and direct the load underwater. There are two sizes of corrosion-resistant chains to choose from and a fully enclosed gearbox and motor to protect the integrity of the gears. For safe operation, automatic disc brakes apply directly to the equipment set to slow the system.

Other features include: 

    • A counterbalance valve to provide precise control of lowering speed

    • Directional flexibility to position equipment for vertical or horizontal use

    • Sandblasted surface preparation and offshore paint system

    • Rugged, all-steel construction that provides maximum durability
      The Subsea Hydraulic Hoist meets the European Materials Handling Federation (FEM) classification with a driving Mechanism Classification of 1Bm and has an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B30.16 standard rating.

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