JFO Expands Its Decommissioning Capabilities and Facilities Worldwide

JFO – a leading provider of specialist offshore engineering solutions – has upscaled its operations to meet the international hydrocarbon sector’s increasing demand for decommissioning expertise, including the provision of innovative technology that supports the industry-wide aim for cost-reductions of 35%.

Jacket Removal KSAJacket removal.

Since 2018, the company has multiplied its worldwide facilities and invested in pioneering subsea technologies, and its team continues to progress a series of high-value projects located across the world, while taking every step to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic’s health and safety challenges.

In the Persian Gulf, JFO is nearing completion on a high-assurance pipeline and jacket removal project. The company minimised costs and lead times by operating from its facility in Dubai – which provides customers in the Middle East with a responsive source of regional support. JFO also mobilised to Thailand, Malaysia and the central North Sea (UKCS) to begin a host of complex projects, ranging from well severance to platform pile severance. Looking to replicate its success in the Middle East, the company invested in permanent facilities for each region, ensuring that a local team is always on-hand to communicate with customers throughout all stages of project delivery.

Jack Davidson, managing director, James Fisher Offshore, said:

“We are delighted to continue to serve the decommissioning needs of the global oil and gas sector. Having invested heavily in developing our operations, we are pleased to see that majors and top-tier contractors across the industry are turning to our innovative methods and worldwide support network for their projects. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of our employees and customers during this difficult time.”

For all of its current decommissioning projects, the team leverages an innovative ultra-high-pressure (UHP) abrasive water jet internal cutting system. This significantly reduces cutting time to save costs while mitigating the risk of over-run to demanding project timescales.

  • New system minimizes cutting time: JFO’s new water jet internal cutting system has reduced its overall cutting time by 60% for previous projects
  • Innovation saves costs: The company’s investment in new technologies helps to meet the OGA’s 35% cost-reduction target.

By collaborating with customers and operators, JFO recently adapted its approach in response to COVID-19, enabling its field engineers to complete work effectively while adhering to social distancing measures. The company also frequently monitors local guidelines to ensure that a safe working environment is maintained at all times throughout its operations.

As the company expands its worldwide decommissioning capabilities, JFO continuously looks to adopt new facilities, technologies and methods to meet the industry’s global needs, taking into account the operational challenges of COVID-19.

Learn more about JFO’s decommissioning solutions here.

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