Klein Marine Systems 2018 Side Scan Sonar Training

Klein 4900

Klein Marine Systems, a world leading manufacturer of high-quality side scan sonars, will be hosting a three (3) day side scan sonar training at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye Beach, NH.

1Klein 450pxPractical sessions on UNH Gulf Challenger, based in Newcastle, NH.


Participants will develop a thorough understanding of sonar image analysis as well as get hands-on experience with single beam sonars such as the dual-frequency Klein 4900 and the high-speed, Multi-Beam Klein 5000 V2 .

Dates: June 12–14, 2018, 8:00 am —6:00 pm

Who should attend:

Hydrographers, First Responders, Police and Fire Fighters, Marine Construction Surveyors, UXO SAR & Salvage Operators, Geologist and Habitat Mapping Specialists. The training will be held in English.

3Historical posterHistorical Poster

Training Topics

Principles of underwater acoustics (Sonar Record Analysis, Targets & Shadows, reflectivity of underwater materials, detailed target and shadow analysis, targets in the Water Column Under the Towfish) Noise and Interference (Surface Return, Acoustic Noise, Electronic Noise, Refraction and Biological Noise) Anomalies (Second Sweep Returns, Cross Talk, Multi-Path, Ringing, Hyperbolas and Flaring) General Sonar Imagery (Shipwrecks, Hazardous Drums, Aircrafts, Automobiles, Fishing Gear, Marine Structures, Debris Fields) Navigation (Layback and Target Positioning, Search Patterns, Range/Overlap, Shallow Water Operations, Small Target Search, Crime Scene/Accident Mapping, Artificial Reef Surveys, Drowning Victims, Operating Sonar & MAG Simultaneously, Deep Tows)

4Vince CaponeVince Capone

Guest Instructor: Vince Capone

Vincent Capone, M.Sc. is a side scan sonar specialist and a regular instructor at the US Navy Mine Warfare Center. He has trained US EPA, US Army Corps of Engineers, numerous law enforcement agencies, first responders and numerous military organizations. Vince has worked with the US Navy Supervisor of Salvage on aircraft search and recovery OPS including the space shuttle Columbia. He planned the search for and was the operations manager for the successful recovery of Apollo 11 rocket motors from the deep ocean. Vince is a noted authority on underwater exploration as well as an ROV pilot and diver. He owns Black Laser Learning which focuses on training in marine technology and software.


Training Costs: $800 USD per student $700 USD for Law Enforcement, Military * Price includes training materials, training certificate and lunch each day.

Training limited to 30 seats ~ Make sure you register early!

For reservations contact [email protected] or call Carol Morrissey at +1 (603) 893-6131 Ext. 272

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