KONGSBERG Launches New Flexview Multibeam Sonar

Mosaic image merged from seven survey lines

Kongsberg Mesotech is introducing the Flexview multibeam sonar at Oceanology International 2018.

Representing KONGSBERG’s latest advancement in multibeam technology, the compact and light weight Flexview is designed specifically for small observation class ROVs.

KM FlexView on Outland Tech ROVFlexview mounted on an Outland Tech ROV

Delivering superior image quality and coverage, the Flexview sonar provides high quality distortion-free images at a range of up to 200m over a 140° sector, reducing the time it takes to search for and locate targets.

The Flexview’s removable transducer is the first of its kind, offering field replacement of a damaged transducer in the unlikely event of a catastrophic impact. It also allows for potential new transducer configurations to be exchanged in the future, depending on the job being performed.

“Kongsberg Mesotech is excited to make target acquisition at long range a reality for Observation-Class ROV users with our new sonar. During our customer focus groups, we heard that users wanted the maximum range possible with good resolution. We are confident that Flexview is the solution to this request and will bring significant benefits,” said Konrad Mech, Director, Subsea Channel Management, Kongsberg Maritime. “We are also aware that a sonar can be damaged during deployment and removal, impacting field operations and requiring factory repair with very long cycle times. Flexview offers customers rapid field replacement of the transducer simply by removing four cap screws, without compromising integrity of the electronics housing.”

Flexview electronics supports the future capability for users to upgrade to Flexview’s 1MHz transducer just by exchanging the transducer.

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