Mapping Danish Shallow Waters – Advancing Denmark’s Depth Model

Bathymetry of the Danish Depth Model. (Image credit: Danish Geodata Agency)

By using Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB), the Danish Geodata Agency and EOMAP are joining forces to contribute to the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) Bathymetry partnership, and to integrate the SDB data into the Danish Depth Model (DDM).

Using cutting-edge satellite technology, the cooperation will provide better mapping of shallow water areas lacking bathymetric coverage. This will also help improve the coverage of the DDM developed by the Danish Hydrographic Office, a part of the Danish Geodata Agency.

“Finding new ways to map shallow waters, where we only have very old data, and increasing the utilization of depth data for marine stakeholders and society is central in the goals of the Danish Hydrographic Office. Satellite technology shows great potential in this regard. We are therefore happy to contribute to this cooperation that benefits the users of both the DDM and EMODnet Bathymetry,” says Elizabeth Hagemann, Head of Office in the Danish Hydrographic Office.

2 Elizabeth HagemannElizabeth Hagemann, Head of Office in the Danish Hydrographic Office. (Photo credit: EOMAP)

“Denmark is particularly rich in shallow waters, with considerable parts mapped more than 100 years ago. For filling data gaps in large areas, SDB is widely approved as a very efficient technology. Together with existing bathymetric data, this cooperation project will thus help create a seamless shallow water grid of the Danish coastline and its hundreds of islands”, states Knut Hartmann, COO of EOMAP.

3 eomap Dr.KnutHartmannKnut Hartmann, COO of EOMAP. (Photo credit: EOMAP)

As an additional benefit for marine stakeholders, the project will also be embedded into the largescale European model by EMODnet Bathymetry. “EOMODnet Bathymetry provides the harmonized bathymetric surface for all European waters. We foster new ideas and concepts which aim to provide better mapping of our waters. Therefore, we very much appreciate this co-operation and believe that the Danish grid – integrated into the next EMODnet Bathymetry release – will contribute improving the accuracy of our product and will fulfill the expectations of our users”, explains Thierry Schmitt, Coordinator EMODnet Bathymetry.


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