Oceanscan Invests in Teledyne BlueView M900-130 Subsea Imaging Sonars

Teledyne BlueView announces that Oceanscan have recently made a significant investment with Teledyne BlueView for a number of M900-130 (1000m and 4000m rated) subsea imaging sonars.



The Teledyne BlueView M series which superseded the popular P Series in 2012 has rapidly become a work-horse for the subsea industry.

These sonars are widely recognised as the industry’s most compact, full-featured 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonars. Engineered to fit in small, tight spaces the M Series is 30% smaller than the older P Series, and delivers the same crisp, real-time, video-like sonar imagery.

The Teledyne BlueView M Series is commonly used as a pilot aid when navigating unmanned underwater vehicles especially in turbid and low light conditions and is also widely used for inspection, monitoring and mapping applications.

Adil Ali, Oceanscan Subsea Sales Manager added: “BlueView’s subsea technology is well known, proven and widely used. The BlueView sonars will add new capability to our rental offering and enable us to provide ROV operators the latest in subsea imaging tools. This further reinforces Oceanscan’s recent acquisitions in their commitment to supporting the subsea technology industry”.

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