Perenco UK Awards Boskalis Subsea Services Multi-Pound Contract

Aberdeen based Boskalis Subsea Services, has announced the award and successful completion of a multi-million-pound contract awarded by Perenco UK. The contract was to support a pipeline project in the UK’s Southern North Sea basin.   

One of the firm’s dive support vessels (DSV), the Boka Da Vinci, was mobilized to replace a 29-meter section of pipeline, which delivers hydrocarbons from the NW Bell field to the Bessemer Platform. The hydrocarbons are then delivered to the Bacton Gas terminal in Norfolk via the Inde Field for processing and onward distribution to the National Grid1.

The DSV and 100 crew on board were mobilized from Great Yarmouth Port to the pipeline’s location, 78km east of the Lincolnshire coast. 

2 Boskalis Subsea Services Tim Sheehan 1Tim Sheehan, Global Business Development and Strategy Director for Boskalis Subsea Services.  

Tim Sheehan, global business development and strategy director for Boskalis Subsea Services, said: “This marks our first saturation diving project with Perenco. Winning this contract on such a high priority pipeline project is testament to our growing reputation for being nimble and successfully delivering safe, integrated, cost-effective services.  

“The Southern sector of the North Sea is a highly tidal region with relatively shallow water depths resulting in narrow windows of opportunity for carrying out subsea remedial work. Our state-of-the-art vessels   are well equipped to support the many challenges and tasks associated with inspection, repair and maintenance campaigns in both shallow  and deepwater. Coupled with our experienced project management teams, we are seeing increased interest from operators who recognize our value proposition and ability to ensure the smooth running of IRM operations, as well as SURF and decommissioning projects.”  

The Boka Da Vinci is equipped with two bells for saturation diving work up to a depth of 300metres and accommodation for up to 120 people. It also has a 140t active heave compensated main crane, and 1,120m3of available main deck space with a load capacity of 3,300t.  

Following a detailed analysis and successful testing of Magma Global’s flexible M-Pipe technology, Boskalis applied rigid spool methods to transport the replacement pipe solution.   

The vessel also shipped a mechanical connector from Connector Subsea Solutions, as well as equipment to carry out testing, flushing and cutting services.  

The campaign included dimensional surveys, dredging, and concrete mattress removal, storage and re-positioning activities. The work was supported by personnel from IKM Testing to carry out barrier testing and flushing services, and specialists from Claxton Engineering to prepare, cut and remove the existing steel pipe before Magma’s M-pipe is installed.  

Boskalis Subsea Services is part of Boskalis’ offshore energy group and serves global deepwater, inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), SURF, and decommissioning markets.

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