Phoenix Underwater Services Improve Propeller Performance

Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. (Phoenix) recently completed a seachest cleaning and hull inspection for the M/V Sanco Star. While performing these tasks, divers also inspected running gear of the vessel and reported to the client that both propellers were covered in hard marine growth. As a result of that inspection, Sanco Star requested that Phoenix divers return back to the vessel to clean and polish both propellers.

Mobilizing its Towable Diving System along with personnel consisting of one diving supervisor, two divers, and one tender\commercially licensed driver, the Phoenix team was dispatched to the C-Port dock in Port Fourchon, Louisiana to perform the propeller cleaning. Upon arrival at the site, all safety procedures were completed and the divers commenced cleaning both the suction and pressure face of the propellers using a Phoenix custom made hydraulically powered propeller cleaning kit. Also included in the work was inspection of hardware and rope guards for damage, followed by propeller polishing with a hydraulic polishing tool using consumable plastic discs. Cleaning and polishing was completed in a 3.5 hour dive per propeller.

Sanco Star Captain, Ventsislav Gradeshliev, stated, “Phoenix personnel did an outstanding job on the inspection and propeller cleaning/polishing. After their services were performed, the load on the propellers dropped by 80 KW each, which is almost up to dry dock conditions. We are very pleased with their services.”

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