TDI-Brooks to Perform Site Survey / EBS Offshore Caribbean

TDI-Brooks International, Inc. has been selected to perform three (3) site surveys and an Environmental Baseline project in the Caribbean. Two well sites are at a depth of approximately 140m and a third well site lies in 650m water. The project is to be completed within May 2017 for wells to be drilled in July 2017.

TDI-Brooks’ multi-purpose vessel R/V Proteus will conduct the series of site, environmental baseline and habitat assessment surveys utilizing Sidescan, Magnetometer, Multibeam and Subbottom Profiling. The R/V Proteus is a multi-use vessel suited for a wide variety of oceanographic research duties, fully outfitted for Geotechnical Coring/CPT, Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS), Surface Geochemical Exploration (SGE), Heat Flow (HF) and related projects.

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