XACT Helps Major Operator Hear New Depths During Completion

XACT Downhole Telemetry, in conjunction with a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico, recently completed a multi-run completion deployment with real-time data coverage from a record-breaking depth of over 30,000 feet onsite in the Gulf of Mexico.

XACT LogoWorking with the operator’s completion operations, XACT’s acoustic network successfully provided real-time data throughout multiple runs giving the operator insight into critical downhole conditions allowing for an optimal completion installation.

Using XACT’s proprietary acoustic telemetry network, the operator was able to make informed decisions based upon actual downhole measurements throughout the completion. The real-time downhole data confirmed critical tool settings, gun firing and actual valve positions. Additionally, downhole pressure and temperature data allowed for real time decisions that directly impacted the frac pack execution. These and other downhole and along string insights helped the operator to achieve their goal of a more reliable, efficient and productive completion in extremely challenging conditions.

“We are thrilled by the results we have received from this project,” said Jason Roe, President and CEO of XACT. “This milestone is another example of the insight XACT’s technology can give operators during complex situations downhole. We are grateful to the operator and their team for this opportunity.”

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