Hydromea Launches New Wireless Communication Node LUMA 500ER

Hydromea is unveiling its new subsea wireless communication node LUMA 500ER at Ocean Business 2019 in Southampton this week.

The LUMA 500ER can beam data at up to 500kb/s with a 120 degree angle over 50 meters underwater in no time. It has 2x the bandwidth and 10x the range of its older brother, the LUMA 250LP. The LUMA 500ER combines wireless high-speed and low latency subsea data transfer in a very compact form factor.

Felix Schill, the co-founder and CTO of Hydromea, said: “The new wireless subsea node is another step in providing unlimited data access to the subsea environment with a lot of versatility built in. The nodes can be used as modems and access points in subsea infrastructure. The wide-angle beam gives subsea vehicles connecting via the LUMA 500ER, a lot of freedom of movement. The small size of the modem and its standard transparent link allow for easy retrofitting on legacy systems.”

“Hydromea focuses its development on affordable, autonomous and miniaturized devices that can be used at any ocean depth for unprecedented data access. Both, the LUMA 250LP and the LUMA 500ER are pressure-rated to 6’000 meters depth.”

Founded in 2014, Hydromea is a Swiss-based deep-tech company delivering solutions that allow customers to have unparalleled access to subsea data. Ultra-fast and high-volume, real-time data transfer and harvesting bring a paradigm shift in our quest to explore the ocean and understand its impact on the subsea economy. Hydromea is in the top 5% of innovators in the energy industry today and is part of the TechX Pioneers program based in Aberdeen.

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