Jan De Nul Group Selects MacArtney’s Cutting-Edge CEMAC Tensioner Systems for Complete CLV Fleet

Jan De Nul Group’s new XL cable-laying vessel will feature three CEMAC four-track main deck tensioners, two CEMAC loading arm tensioners and auxiliary equipment. (Image credit: Jan De Nul/MacArtney)

MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions, specializing in offshore mission equipment, has announced an expansion of its partnership with Jan De Nul Group.

The company has been entrusted with designing and supplying custom CEMAC tensioner systems for Jan De Nul Group’s entire cable-laying vessel (CLV) fleet, which includes the world’s largest CLV, the Fleeming Jenkin.

MacArtney’s comprehensive scope involves designing, constructing, and delivering advanced tensioner systems for Jan De Nul Group’s entire cable-laying fleet, including the Connector, Willem de Vlamingh and the new Fleeming Jenkin. The scope also encompasses upgrading tensioner systems previously delivered for the Isaac Newton.

Remarkably, MacArtney’s involvement extends to the recently announced XL CLV – the Fleeming Jenkin – boasting a cable carrying capacity of 28,000 tonnes and engineered for ultra-deep laying in waters up to 3,000 meters, as well as bundled lay operations.

For the XL CLV, MacArtney will supply three high-capacity CEMAC four-track main deck tensioners designed to facilitate bundled lay operations with minimized cable distance and combined lay operations up to 150 tonnes, two CEMAC loading arm tensioners and associated fully electrical 1-tonne cable engines.

2 advanced tensioner systems MacArtney provides advanced tensioner systems for Jan De Nul Group’s entire cable-laying fleet. (Image credit: MacArtney)

Unique system qualities secure re-selection by Jan De Nul Group

Recognizing the technology expertise following previous collaborations with MacArtney Group on a 50-tonne all-electric Launch and Recovery System (eLARS), Jan De Nul Group engaged MacArtney to develop a large-scale, leading-edge solution for their CLV fleet. MacArtney’s mission-critical equipment solutions are known for their exceptional versatility and seamless integration with clients’ existing systems.

The electrically driven tensioners ensure safe and controlled cable handling, with real-time monitoring of cable integrity. All equipment is fully integrated with the vessel’s central control system. The solution is future-proof and designed to handle Jan De Nul Group’s advanced export and interconnect cable installations.

Mike Welling, the Business Development Manager at MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions, says: ”Being re-selected by Jan De Nul Group for the supply of mission equipment signifies a testament to our competencies. Our dedicated team of construction and automation engineers is motivated by the challenge of aligning with the vessel’s dynamics and control system seamlessly. We are committed to ensuring that Jan De Nul Group keeps playing a leading role in pioneering the cable installation market with their advanced fleet.”

Advancing sustainability in maritime operations

In line with the commitment to sustainable practices, all CEMAC tensioners provided by MacArtney will be driven by electric motors and feature active front-end drive technology. This innovative approach ensures efficient cable tension and facilitates energy regeneration, which is redirected back to the vessel’s power plant, which includes batteries. By incorporating green technologies, MacArtney contributes to developing a future-proof fleet, aligning with the broader industry shift towards environmentally conscious solutions.

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