MacArtney Supplies Storage and Handling System for Viking Link

(Image credit: Viking Link)

By the end of 2023, a high voltage direct current electricity link - Viking Link - will be able to facilitate electricity exchange between Great Britain and Denmark.

MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions collaborated with Energinet to develop the long-term onshore cable handling and storage solution for the Danish site.

MacArtney met the requirements set by Energinet and was entrusted with supplying a comprehensive storage system fulfilling all defined specifications, including the crucial necessity of 40 years of operational reliability.

Thus, parallel with the preparations for Viking Link – the world’s longest cable connection, spanning 765 km between Great Britain and Denmark – MacArtney has been working on an onshore storage and handling system for the requisite spare cable.

Complete Harbor Set-Up

The whole project involves a long-term maintenance plan with a 15 km spare cable that must always be available for prompt replacement in case of cable damage.

Renowned for its expertise in delivering secure handling solutions for demanding applications throughout the entire project lifecycle, MacArtney fitted a complete electrically driven modular CEMAC solution comprising a cable carousel, cableway, spooling tower, and track tensioner. All combined in one control unit for automated spooling. The set-up is installed in a purpose-built warehouse at Esbjerg Port.

2 MacArtney CEMAC cable handling storage CEMAC editMacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions is preparing the onshore CEMAC system to store and handle the 15 km spare cable for Viking Link. (Image credit: MacArtney)

Operational For 40 Years

To meet Energinet’s requirement for a 40-year operational lifespan, MacArtney has implemented a bi-weekly operation, ensuring regular motion and control of all moving parts. The process has been automated, eliminating the need for operator involvement and simplifying the maintenance procedure.

Essential Success Factors

Project Manager Michael Fly Poulsen – onboarded in August 2022 – underlines that agility and having all competencies in-house is the key to success in this prestigious project.

“The advantage of having all knowledge resources in-house – from construction and technical capacities to mechanical and electronic engineering – is the key to success for this cooperation. We have team members who understand each step of the process. We are agile and able to work out the optimal solution based on expertise and dialogues on obtaining the best interaction between mechanics and software.”

On top of that, MacArtney focused on project management and a continuous joint adaption of expectations, securing close cooperation with Energinet on developing the 100% customised solution.

Viking Link facts

Viking Link will include approximately 765 km of high voltage direct current (DC) cables supporting the promotion of renewable energy utilization, access to sustainable electricity generation, and enhanced security of electricity supplies. Danish partner – MacArtney client Energinet – is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. It holds, operates and develops the transmission systems for electricity and gas in Denmark. The Viking Link project is a joint venture between Danish Energinet and British National Grid.

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