nCentric 5G Ready in Belgian North Sea

On May 15th 2019 nCentric finalized the installation of the second 5G pLTE station in the North Sea for which it already obtained a license in 2015 (in cooperation with sister company Citymesh).

Through its partnership with Nokia, providing state of the art equipment, today we can say that all Belgian (and part of the Netherlands) offshore wind farms are covered with 5G pLTE from Norther to Mermaid.

A coverage area of about 20km radius per unit and speeds on board of vessels up to 80Mbps are no longer exceptions. An absolute record when it comes to offshore wireless communications.

2 5GSeveral customers, amongst others MHI Vestas, making use of this solution, confirmed this is the way forward for offshore operations where there is a need for high bandwidth, low latency internet connectivity. This customers’ specific interest is big data as well as IOT-applications and today we can confirm what we already knew, the 5GpLTE system together with the own developed MESH network provides a stable, powerful high speed and redundant link to shore, Marc Vereecken, Sales manager at nCentric Europe said.

After this successful installation the next step are 2 onshore units, first port of Zeebrugge, followed by port of Ostend, providing internet access from the harbor towards the wind farms as such, decreasing communications costs (compared to 3G and VSAT) to a maximum.

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