New Marine Certified VERIPOS® LD8™ Receiver for Offshore Applications

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VERIPOS, part of Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence division, has unveiled the compact and robust LD8 GNSS receiver to support precise positioning and heading in offshore marine applications.

The industry-leading LD8 supports all GNSS constellations to deliver increased, uninterrupted satellite availability, and continuous correction data reception. Marine certification allows the LD8 to be interfaced into Dynamic Positioning systems, assuring accurate and reliable positioning in the most demanding marine environments.

Multi-channel L-Band signals provide access to VERIPOS correction services broadcast from up to three satellites used simultaneously, reducing the risk of satellite masking or blocking. All VERIPOS correction services are supported by the LD8, allowing access to the world-leading Apex5 multi-constellation Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service to provide robust and reliable positioning. The LD8 is ideal for use in a wide range of marine applications including seismic, oil and gas, construction, and hydrographic survey.

VERIPOS Marine Segment Portfolio Manager, Dr. David Russell, notes, “Leveraging expertise from NovAtel® (also part of Hexagon Positioning Intelligence), the marine certified LD8 is an industry-leading GNSS technology platform that delivers exceptional functionality to meet the demands of our marine customers.”

The LD8 receiver can be configured using the onboard WebUI or via the VERIPOS Quantum visualization software, which provides users with real-time position monitoring.

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