MIND Technology Partners with RTSYS for Real-time Implementation of Spectral AI™ ATR on the COMET-300 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

MIND Technology, Inc. will present an implementation of its Spectral AI real time automatic target recognition (ATR) on the RTSYS COMET-300 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) at the EURONAVAL Conference in Paris.

The Spectral AI ATR has been developed for both real-time and post-mission processing of data from Klein side scan sonars to automatically detect and classify different types of underwater man-made objects.

Rob Capps, MIND’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are pleased to be partnering with RTSYS to demonstrate the potential of this technology when deployed on an AUV such as the COMET-300. We believe the application of artificial intelligence in this manner can be a disruptive technology in many different missions.”

Pierre-Alexandre Caux, RTSYS Business Director, added, “This close relationship will also bring a significant added value for RTSYS’ customers who are looking to enhance their vehicles with the latest technologies available. There is no doubt that the combination between the quality of Klein side scan sonar and the versatility of RTSYS AUVs will benefit end users in both defense and civilian sectors.”

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