Canadian Ocean Energy Delegation to Set Sail for ICOE-OEE 2022

Marine Renewables Canada (MRC) will showcase the best of Canadian ocean energy expertise at ICOE-OEE 2022 from 18-20 October, with a targeted mission made up of companies active in the sector.

A national exhibition pavilion and a range of networking activities will give the group the opportunity to network with their European counterparts and develop new business relationships.

By ensuring a strong Canadian presence as a Gold sponsor at the event in Donostia-San Sebastian, MRC is reinforcing the support for developing ocean energy shown at national and provincial level. With huge resources along both coasts, there is significant potential for producing clean power from waves and tides, while opening up a brand-new economic sector for local companies. Supportive policies, marine renewable energy legislation, feed-in tariffs and shared infrastructure have catalyzed the sector and continue to support its advancement.

Canada is already well-positioned to continue building and growing its marine renewable energy sector. Nova Scotia has approximately 25 MW of tidal energy projects permitted and under development, including Sustainable Marine, which successfully deployed and grid connected its floating tidal platform this year. Other developers approaching deployment include DP Energy, Big Moon Power, and Nova Innovation. Other regions of Canada are also making progress in the sector – many with a focus on providing clean electricity to remote communities and off-grid applications. Smaller, community-scale tidal energy projects have been demonstrated in British Columbia, along with corresponding research on technical and environmental aspects.

The delegation includes a broad cross-section of the Canadian ocean energy sector, with technology developers Oneka and ORPC, testing and research centers Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) and the Marine Institute of Memorial University, and consultants Envigour Policy Consulting, Mersey Consulting and Projectable Consulting. The group will also feature a range of supply chain and operations experts, namely Atlantic Towing, Bourque Industrial, Dominion Diving, Glas Ocean Electric, Lengkeek Vessel Engineering, Ocean Sonics, Port of Argentia and Taut Solutions.

A special joint edition of the biennial International Conference on Ocean Energy & the Ocean Energy Europe annual event is being co-organized by the Basque Energy Cluster and Ocean Energy Europe. The unique 2022 joint event will bring out the best in the ocean energy sector, featuring a high-level conference, lively commercial exhibition, and numerous networking and side events.

Elisa Obermann, Executive Director of Marine Renewables Canada said: “Marine renewable energy is an important part of achieving climate goals in Canada, but also globally. Connecting and working with our international partners and networks is a key step in building and growing the sector. With strong relationships already established, we are looking forward to participating in ICOE-OEE and gaining insight on best practices of other jurisdictions and identifying new business opportunities for our mission delegates.”

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe commented: “Canada has emerged as one of the biggest supporters of ocean energy in recent years. With a robust policy framework and targeted revenue support in Nova Scotia, the Canadians are setting an example for other countries to follow when it comes to progressing these innovative technologies. We look forward to bringing both sides of the Atlantic together and building on an already excellent relationship.”

Jose I. Hormaeche, Managing Director of the Basque Energy Cluster, welcomed the news: “Canada and the Basque Country are both enthusiastic champions of ocean energy, with supportive policies, highly innovative local companies and a strong maritime heritage. We are delighted to be welcoming the Canadian delegation to the Basque Country for this important event and the business opportunities it offers.”


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