Protection by Subscription Offers Dividends to Support Wind Energy Growth Targets

Protection by subscription offers dividends to support wind energy growth targets according to Mads Enemark Nørgreen, Head of Business Development at Survitec HeliPPE.

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing forms of renewable energy. Global demand for power from offshore wind farms is expected to change the way offshore operators and transfer providers consider workforce safety and how they procure critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In a white paper exploring subscription-based rental and the future of offshore PPE, Survitec HeliPPE, a trusted PPE rental supplier to the offshore wind industry, highlights how digital capabilities and alignment of supply chains play a crucial role in solving the growth challenges faced by the industry.

Reconfiguring PPE from a traditional purchase to a subscription-based model could pay financial and environmental dividends through a more circular approach which enhances cost efficiencies and optimises project downtime.

“The increased focus on climate change, carbon footprint and responsible resource management all add to the virtues of subscription PPE. Renting PPE reduces the need for significant stockpiling and is a more sustainable solution. Instead of a purchased PPE set being in use for 3-5 months a year, rental PPE is constantly at work. It is similar to a shared, circular economy whereby durable and well-made products increase the product life span and saves on expenditure in the long term.” says Mads Enemark Nørgreen, Head of Business Development at Survitec HeliPPE.

2 MadsMads Enemark Nørgreen, Head of Business Development at Survitec HeliPPE.

“The flexibility offered by suppliers to the industry is changing and for the benefit of wind farm operators. Renting the necessary equipment flexibly on either a weekly or monthly rate affords the operator the option to scale up or down with minimum notice at any time.

“The common practice of subscription-based rental schemes is prominent in the automotive, entertainment, and hospitality industries. Survitec HeliPPE has adopted this approach by offering flexibility for the customer but also ensuring they have the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art kit available – whenever and wherever they need it.”

The white paper delves into how this approach has been pivoted to meet the rising global demand for energy and supports government targets in increasing their wind energy output.

The white paper is available for download here.

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