TidalStream Triton Platform Chosen for Black Rock Tidal Power Installation at FORCE: at 2.5MW the Highest Powered Tidal Installation Ever

Black Rock Tidal Power has been awarded one of only two new demonstration berths for tidal power stations by the Nova Scotia government. The newly founded company is based in Halifax and offers tailor-made tidal energy converter systems and related services for the Bay of Fundy. Black Rock Tidal Power will showcase its innovative technology at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE), Canada’s leading research centre for in-stream tidal energy.

The Triton T36 – this will be the first full scale version to be built by Black Rock Tidal Power and features 36 SCHOTTEL turbines producing an output of 2.5 MW form the single installation

Most of the existing tidal current energy systems deployed to date are single turbines designed to rest on the seabed. This single-turbine approach requires large heavy turbines. In addition, significant capital is required to construct, transport, and maintain the turbines. Black Rock Tidal Power is directly addressing these cost drivers with a new approach that combines the unique Triton platform developed by TidalStream Ltd., with inexpensive small and robust tidal turbines developed by ship propulsion manufacturer SCHOTTEL.

The device is semi- submerged, floating and freely aligning to the ocean flow. “We believe our concept will change the way the world looks at tidal power.” says Martin Baldus, General Manager, Black Rock Tidal Power. ”We are honoured to have been selected to demonstrate our innovative technology here in Nova Scotia.” At 2.5MW, the Schottel-turbine- powered TidalStream platform installation will be the highest powered single tidal system ever built.

The economic potential of tidal power is considerable, and Black Rock Tidal Power has built a strong Nova Scotia team of companies to implement its FORCE project. Local senior management and communications staff are already in place, with recruitment planned for other positions.

Allswater Marine Engineering of Bedford will be in charge of the overall management of the project in partnership with five other Nova Scotia companies. These companies will provide detailed design, project installation, and maintenance services for the generator platform. Nova Scotia companies will also provide key technology components for the device, and develop new technologies and methods.

“This is a really exciting project – no heavy-lift vessels are required for installation,” says Rob Crutcher, project manager from Allswater Marine. “The platform is towed to the site, where an arm is lowered and then only the cable connection is required to complete the installation.”

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