CSA Engineer to be Honored at Australasian Oil and Gas Conference

At the Australasian Oil and Gas (AOG) conference this week in Perth, Australia, Environmental Risk Engineer Sarah Watson of CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.(CSA) will be honored by the Wavemakers Project as one of the 12 top women in the subsea industry in Australia.

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The Women In Subsea Engineering (WISE) launched the Wavemakers Project to bring attention to the work of females in the subsea industry and to encourage young women to pursue education and careers in the fields of science and engineering.

Ms. Watson grew up in Perth and pursued an education and career in subsea engineering, a field in which she could integrate her passion for the marine environment with her technical interests, international travel, and opportunities for career success. She has worked with CSA since 2014 on projects in the United States and internationally, from Australia to the Eastern Mediterranean.

“I feel that I make a difference, protecting the environment while going about our activities in the ocean,” said Ms. Watson. “Engineering is a field that creates a lot of opportunities, getting involved in international projects, and learning something new every day. I love what I do and want to share that with the industry, my colleagues, and with the next generation of young women searching for a meaningful and exciting career path.”

Ms. Watson will also be presenting CSA’s capabilities at the conference in the Australian Subsea Pavilion, alongside the Wavemakers. Ms. Watson is pictured with the Wavemaker honorees (middle row, far right).

To learn more about the AOG Conference, visit https://aogexpo.com.au/. To learn more about the Wavemakers Project, visit https://wavemakerstories.org.au. To learn more about CSA Ocean Sciences Inc., visit https://www.csaocean.com/.

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