Eco Wave Power Appoints Head of Portuguese Operation

The news comes shortly after Eco Wave Power revealed the incorporation of a subsidiary in Portugal, which commenced the licensing process for first 1MW of the 20MW Concession Agreement entered with APDL in 2020.

PedroMr. Ferreira will be overseeing Eco Wave Power’s activities in Portugal, including the licensing and the promotion of the APDL project, establishing contacts with additional sites and ports in Portugal which are interested in the Eco Wave Power technology, grant submission and day to day operations.

Pedro brings a wealth of experience developing from leading advanced energy organizations. He began his professional career at EFACEC, as a member of the research and development team responsible for many of the energy applications present in EFACEC’s product “Scatex Plus” for Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition, for management of electric power systems, present in several utilities for operational grid management.

Presently he is an asset management specialist at EDP – Energias de Portugal – his main purpose is to supervise and manage the operation of all EDP’s hydroelectric power plants in Portugal ensuring the surveillance, flood control and remote operation of the installations.

Pedro holds a Master’s degree in electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) and has underway a PhD on Sustainable Energy Systems at FEUP/MIT and INESC-TEC. He is also the Chair of Future Energy Leaders in Portugal and member of FEL100 (a program by the Associação Portuguesa da Energia and World Energy Council).

“I’m truly excited to be part of this innovative and pioneering project,” said Mr. Ferreira. “Our mission is to commercialize wave energy in Portugal, and I am looking forward to assist in laying the foundations for future high-volume operations. My near future aim will be successfully completing the demonstration phase with a first 1MW wave energy array. Following this, we plan to expand to commercial scale installations.”

“I was attracted to Eco Wave Power because of its ground-breaking technology, having developed a cost efficient, reliable, insurable and environmentally friendly technology, which will enable the company to deliver commercially viable projects.”

Inna Braverman, the Founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power said: “We are thrilled to welcome Pedro to our team. He brings extensive experience and passion towards the energy sector, and I am confident that he will undertake a key role in our Portugal commercialization plans.”

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