IMCA Providing Assurance for DP Operations at 9TH DP Asia Conference

Providing assurance for DP operations lies at the heart of the presentation being given by Captain Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser – Marine, the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) at the 9th Dynamic Positioning Asia 2019 conference and exhibition in Singapore 2-4 July.

Speaking in a session devoted to ‘Competency of DP Personnel and Practitioners’ on 3 July he will talk about three key IMCA initiatives – the recently launched DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme; assurance of process by means of IMCA’s ‘Guidance for Developing and Conducting DP Annual Trials Programmes’ (IMCA M 190), looking particularly at revisions relevant to remote and incremental trials; and the all-important IMCA DP station keeping event reporting scheme.

Andy Goldsmith 2018 comprCaptain Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser – Marine, IMCA

Setting the scene Andy Goldsmith explains:

“Each of the three topics I will cover on 3 July relate to assurance and are all important steps to ensure greater levels of efficiency and safety in DP operations.

“The IMCA DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme opened for applications on 1 May and has already attracted more than 400 downloads of application packs with a 60:40 split favouring the Far East. By the time of the conference, examinations for the two categories of practitioner will have taken place in three locations, one of which will be Singapore. I will present details of the scheme, give a progress report on participation and look towards the future.

“IMCA challenged the concept of remote DP trials head-on during a debate at its Marine Technical Seminar in The Hague last November. The outcome of that debate, along with the introduction of the DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme, has been used to shape a revision of IMCA M 190.

“Thanks to contributions from IMCA’s DP Committee, and attendees of the workshop in The Hague, the revised M 190 ensures that guidance meets IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1580; provides clear definitions of key terms; introduces and recommends the DP Practitioner Accreditation scheme; and will improve the process of producing and witnessing DP annual trials to further enhance credibility across the industry.

“IMCA’s DP reporting scheme plays an important role in sharing ‘lessons learned’. Last year 147 reports were received – a 50% increase on previous years and I will be sharing details during my presentation. We are eager to encourage greater participation from the Asia-Pacific region. I will be urging companies to participate in the scheme so their experiences can be shared through updated guidance, quarterly DP station keeping event bulletins, case studies and an annual station keeping event review.”

Further information on the work of IMCA’s DP Committee is here and on the 9th Dynamic Positioning Asia 2019 conference and exhibition is here.

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